How much do you charge?
This seems to be everyone's #1 question. Blanket answer: it depends! Our shop minimum is $60. The size and detail of your tattoo determines the cost. Most commonly the artists charge by the piece, not by the hour. (Hourly work is $125/hr). When calling or messaging for a quote, you may be provided with an "estimate". Generally the best way to get a quote through a personal consultation.
When calling, emailing, or social media requesting for a quote, it is most helpful to include all references you can, measure or give the approximate size the tattoo will be also, and specify if it is a color piece or black and grey.

Do tattoos hurt?
This answer could vary from person to person, as everyone has a different pain tolerance. Most would agree it certainly doesn't feel like unicorn kisses! It also depends on the placement on the body. Some are more notoriously known to hurt than others.

Can I sign for my child to get a tattoo? Can my child come with me to my appointment?
We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, period.
We are a family friendly shop, although we ask you be mindful of your young ones. Minors are not allowed in the tattoo stations.

Do you accept walk-ins, or do I have to make an appointment?
We do accept walk-ins, but appointments are the only garuntee. You can always call ahead, 615-485-8407, to find out the artists' schedules.

Do you use black light ink or tattoo in all white ink?
We do not have or use any black light reflective ink.
Using all white ink for a tattoo is not recommended. Sure, there are photos on the internet of freshly done white ink tattoos, but many times after the healing process is complete, the tattoos are left looking more like scars if any of the ink remains at all. White ink is more of a highlight color than a main color to a tattoo.

Do you do  permanent make-up/henna?
We do not perform any permanent make-up tattoos, and we do not have henna or temporary tattoos. Currently invesitgating around, and will gladly make recommendations when we find a reputable place that we feel would produce great work!

How do I take care of my new tattoo?
*Remove the bandage after an hour or so, and hand wash your tattoo with mild soap. Pat dry with a paper towel then you may apply a thin layer of the Aquaphor.
*Repeat the washing/ointment application 3-4 times a day. Always wash your hands first! remember, a tattoo is an open wound! In about 4-5 days you may begin using lotion to keep it moisturized (we recommend Lubriderm)
*Do not tan, go swimming, (or anything that would submerge the tattoo underwater) for about two weeks.
*It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to completely heal a tattoo
*Your skin will flake off, and that is normal. Do not pick or scratch at it! Any itching sensation means your skin is healing. Smack instead of scratch!

How much do you charge for touch ups?
Touch ups are done Tues-Thurs by appointment. They are free of charge by the artist who tattooed you. Some areas of the body generally require touch ups (like the feet and fingers!) Proper aftercare yields a lower touch up rate.

Can I start my sleeve/huge tattoo today?
Rome was not built in a day, and an entire sleeve cannot be completed in a day (and if anyone attempts such, the outcome is more than likely aesthetically displeasing!) Big, detailed pieces take time to draw up, then execute.  Pieces like that should come with a personal consultation, time for the artist to draw, and  multiple sessions to complete. A major thing you do not want to do is to rush a tattoo!

I want a tattoo, but I don't know what to get. What should I get?
We do not have flash plastered on our walls. We have a small selection of magazines and reference books. If you have a general idea of what you want to get tattooed, our artists can draw the design for you.  The artist may not know you on a personal level, and does not know what to suggest to you and for you.
Perhaps there are designs you've seen and liked. Think about things you like and are into/hobbies.‚Äč  Also, many people turn to the internet these days for reference.
We can and will not tell you what or where to get tattooed. You will be the one wearing the tattoo for many years to come. It's your tattoo, your body, your choice.

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